animation & motion graphics

With our skills in Animation & Motion Graphics, your projects will come to life

Experts in creating motion graphics & animation

Motion Graphics and Animation are powerful tools, used to communicate with the user and add depth to your design. The objective is to communicate effectively with the user, but without the use of words, and with the use of Motion Graphics, Animation and Design.

Visually stunning and highly engaging, Motion Graphics and Animation is sure to add bite to your projects, and with our help, through the use of state of the art software, creating Lower Thirds, Transitions and Animated Logos, you will reach your audiences in ways you never thought possible

How we create animation?


Taking your ideas and vision, and translating them to script that is both engaging and attractive to your audience


Taking your script and adapting it into a shot by shot montage of still images, giving you a visual representation of the story you wish to tell


Enhancing your idea into 2D/3D interactive objects, through Animation, produced using state of the art software and Green Screen

editing & graphics

The final stage involves editing of the project and putting together all of the previous stages and adding colour along with your branding

Animation & Motion Graphics Strategy

Carefully planned and meticulously managed, the 3 stages of our production process dots all the “i’s” and crosses all the “t’s”


Research, Planning and Storyboarding, provide the framework to your production


Using 2D/3D software, taking your storyboard and working collaboratively with you to bring your project to life


Via Studio Vega Myst Agency we will distribute your Animation & Motion Graphics to your desired audience

Distribution made easy via Studio Vega Myst Agency

By sheer coincidence, our sister organisation, Studio Vega Myst Agency, can handle the distribution of all of your advertising needs. Between SVM Productions and Agency, the entire creative process is realised, produced and disseminated.

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