Experts in Photography and Editing

Experts in photgraphy

We have both the ability, and the state of the art equipment to produce carefully crafted still images for a wide range of large and small clients, locally, nationally and internationally. If you have an idea, we can plan it and bring it to life. In a nutshell, if you need bespoke images, we can do it!

How we create high quality photos?

location scouting

Whatever your business or idea, we will search locations to suit your needs, subsequently elevating the idea


We have a studio for model, product and green screen photography, with over 12 years experience

high end equipement

We have state of the art equipment, ensuring the highest quality and service for your photography needs


With over 20 years experience in editing photos, we can collaborate to ensure you get the images you desire

Photography Strategy

Carefully planned and meticulously managed, the 3 stages of our production process dots all the “i’s” and crosses all the “t’s”

STAGE 1: Photoshoot planning

Research, Location Scouting and  Planning provide the framework to your production

STAGE 2: Photoshoot & Editing

Here’s where the fun begins! The actual photography of your premise, working collaboratively with you


Via Studio Vega Myst Agency we will distribute your finished images to your desired audience

Distribution made easy via Studio Vega Myst Agency

By sheer coincidence, our sister organisation, Studio Vega Myst Agency, can handle the distribution of all of your photography needs. Between SVM Productions and Agency, the entire creative process is realised, produced and disseminated.

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