scripted film & tv

Whether it’s for the TV screen or the Silver Screen, we’ve got the “action” covered

Experts in creating film & television

We have both the ability, and the state of the art equipment to produce carefully crafted television series, short films and feature films for a wide range of large and small clients, locally, nationally and internationally. If you have an idea, we can script it and bring it to life. In a nutshell, if it can be filmed, we can do it!

How we produce scripted shows & film?


Taking your ideas and vision, and translating them to script that is both engaging and attractive to your audience


Taking your script and adapting it into a shot by shot montage of still images, giving you a visual representation of the story you wish to tell


Bringing your script and storyboard to life with our industry experts in production and the art of filmmaking

editing & graphics

The final stage of production, with our in-house post-production team bringing your story to the screen

Film & Television Strategy

Carefully planned and meticulously managed, the 3 stages of our production process dots all the “i’s” and crosses all the “t’s”

1: Pre-Production

Research, Location Scouting, Planning, Scriptwriting and Storyboarding provide the framework to your production

2: Video Production

Here’s where the fun begins! The actual filming of your story, working collaboratively with you

3: Distribution

Via Studio Vega Myst Agency we will distribute your finished production to your desired audience

Distribution made easy via Studio Vega Myst Agency

By sheer coincidence, our sister organisation, Studio Vega Myst Agency, can handle the distribution of all of your Televison and Film Production needs. Between SVM Productions and Agency, the entire creative process is realised, produced and disseminated.

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